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EMC Testing Facilities

EMC Testing Facilities

Within our custom built EMC test house we have laboratories/anechoic chambers containing up to the minute test equipment enabling us to meet the most exacting standards. From the smallest handheld device to the largest vehicle we have a chamber to suit.                           

Jaguar Landrover Testing

Our facilities include:

  • 3m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • 10m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • Three CISPR 25 Semi-Anechoic Chambers
  • Five Automotive Electrical Test Laboratories
  • ESD Test Laboratory
  • General Purpose Screened Room
  • Radio Laboratory
  • Safety Laboratory
  • High Voltage Test Laboratory

We can offer:

  • Radiated Immunity: 20Hz - 18GHz up to 600V/m (depending on frequency range and test method).
  • Test methods include tri-plate, bulk current injection, stripline, electric and magnetic free field.
  • Radiated Emissions: 20Hz – 26.5GHz Conducted Emissions: 20Hz – 400 MHz
  • Transients: Configurable systems covering all pulses specified by ISO 7637, Ford & GM.
  • ESD: Variable networks up to ± 25kV, contact and air.
  • DC Electrical Performance testing using fully variable set-ups with function generators in tandem with DC-10kHz amplifiers of up to 5kW capability.

Quality is essential to us and we are UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO 17025: 2005. We also hold may other country and manufacturer specific accreditations.


Laboratory Dimensions

The total laboratory space available amounts to approximately 1330m2 including the area taken by the Semi-anechoic Chambers and other laboratory areas:-

Semi-Anechoic Chamber AC1

Overall Dimensions: - 7.6 m (l) x 6.1 m (w) x 3.75 m (h)

Effective Dimensions: - 6.47 m (l) x 4.94 m (w) x 3.0 m (h)

Semi-Anechoic Chamber AC2

Overall Dimensions: - 7.3 m (l) x 6.46 m (w) x 3.6 m (h)

Effective Dimensions: - 6.46 m (l) x 4.97 m (w) x 3.53 m (h)

Semi-anechoic Chamber AC3

3 m CISPR 16 compliant

Overall Dimensions: - 9.0 m (l) x 6.1 m (w) x 5.7 m (h)

Effective Dimensions: - 8.45 m (l) x 5.08 m (w) x 5.65 m (h)

Semi-anechoic Chamber AC4

10 m CISPR 16 compliant

Overall Dimensions: - 18.2 m (l) x 12.7 m (w) x 8.1 m (h)

Minimum effective: - 17.7 m (l) x 11.55 m (w) x 7.55 m (h)

Semi-anechoic Chamber AC5

Overall Dimensions: - 7.3 m (l) x 7.1m (w) x 4.15m (h)

Minimum effective : - 7.0m (l) x 6.8m (w) x 3.85 m (h)

Screened Room SR1

4.85 m (l) x 3.34 m (w) x 3.0 m (h)

Dedicated Automotive Transient Laboratories AUTO 1, AUTO 3, AUTO 4, AUTO 5 and AUTO 6

Dedicated High Voltage, ESD and Harmonics Laboratory LAB 3

Environmentally controlled labs for transient, ESD and Electrical Testing LAB 2

Max size of EUT: 4.0 m x 6.0 m x 4.0m

Electrical Supplies: 240V 50/60/400 Hz 16A 110V 50/60/400 Hz 20A 0 - 60V DC

3C Test has first class new customer facilities, a comfortable lounge with television, daily newspapers and internet access. Tea and coffee making facilities are available and refreshments are provided.

SECURITY A secure pass-coded environment, ensures your free movement in general areas, whilst protecting your confidentiality in the test areas