Applus+ 3C Test (3C Test Limited) is one of UK’S leading testing laboratories in electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and vibrations

The lab has two state-of-the-art testing facilities in the Silverstone Park Area, located near a racing circuit a hot-spot for automotive companies involved in new electric vehicle development.

The lab has a long-standing record of partnering with automakers and components manufacturers to test their new developments against the most stringent EMC requirements. Its quality processes are backed up by UKAS accreditation and count with the approval of renowned global OEMs. Applus+ 3C Test has at its disposal, a large semi-anechoic chamber to test full vehicles of nearly any size, from light cars to huge electric buses and off-road machinery. 

Lately, the lab has expanded into environmental and vibrations testing, particularly in field of battery testing and homologation, with key facilities to test large battery packs. 

UKCA Certification Body and Global Market Access Services

Applus+ 3C Test is an approved body for UKCA marking for EMC, Radio and ATEX regulations. It also provides certificates of compliance with UKCA Electrical Safety regulations. Applus+ 3C Test collaborates with the rest of Applus+ regulatory teams to provide global market access services for electrical and electronic products, including those with radio or ATEX requirements. 

Part of Applus+ Laboratories network

Applus+ 3C Test is part of Applus+ Laboratories, a division of the Applus+ group specialised in testing and certification, with a global network of laboratories across Europe, Asia and North America. The division plays essential roles in the advanced industries it serves, including Aerospace, Automotive, Cyber, Electrics and Electronics, Renewable Energies, Construction, Railway, Medical and Pharma. More about our parent company at 

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