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We are very happy with the service and co-operation we get here. It's a two-way thing. Improvements? No improvements to suggest really, we get just what we need.

We test quite frequently, when a colleague first visited he was very impressed with James going through everything with him, so we always use 3C Test. We are very pleased with the way we have been treated, staff always helpful. You have a really good crowd here, nice friendly atmosphere!

3C Test offers Technical Advice and guidance which we do not get elsewhere. Reliable, good quality testing at a competitive price. The engineers use the accurate data we have acquired in an intelligent way to overcome problems.

Your facilities are excellent, and the engineers are very friendly, very helpful. I know you are not the cheapest but who wants a cheap test house that tells you your product has failed and throws it back at you, sometimes you cannot even speak to an engineer, just sales people. How you can judge a company is when you have problems and how they react, I am very impressed with the service and will certainly return.

Thank you very much for arranging the tests at such short notice. We really appreciate your help. I would like specially to thank Matt and the team. He was very helpful during the test and kept me well informed with test progress.

We found 3C Test on the Internet, we liked the look of the building and your wording on the website was very clear. Your facilities are very good and your engineers helpful, no improvements, I am very pleased with everything.


CE Marking

CE Marking

CE Marking a product is a declaration that the product has been assessed to European Union (EU) EMC safety, health and environmental protection requirements before being placed on the European market. CE Marking is required for items that are to be sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) and that fall under one of the CE Marking directives. CE Marking a product is up to Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors who wish to sell in the EEA. Here’s a quick overview on how to go about CE Marking a product

You will need to establish which, if any, of the New Directives or older Global Approach Directives applies to your product. Download these Directives free of charge from the European Union Website.

  • First, select the CE Marking directive or directives to which apply to the product. The directives cover most types of products and any one product may fall into the scope of more than one directive.
  • The directives lay out the EU’s requirements. The next step is to find out how to make sure a product meets those requirements. The responsible party can choose to do this by their own interpretation of the directives or by the more common method of using ‘harmonised standards’. Both methods are a valid approach to CE Marking, but the harmonised standard method is the most popular as these standards are the EU’s own interpretation of the directives. A harmonised standard can be generic or product specific and highlights the methods and limits of assessment and testing to be applied.
  • It is at this point that some directives require a Notified Body to assess a product independently.
  • Whether a Notified Body is required or not, a product must be assessed and tested to make sure it conforms to the appropriate directives. Depending on the type, and excluding that for which a Notified Body required, testing and assessment can be done either in house or by an outside facility.
  • Upon completion of the required assessment and testing, a product has what is known as ‘presumption of conformity’. As a result of this, a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) must be drawn up and signed by the party responsible for CE Marking. Technical documentation must be gathered as the penultimate CE Marking step. This varies according to the directive and can consist of a general description, prospective operating environment, technical construction or schematics, harmonised standards applied, and test results.
  • Finally, CE Marking can be affixed: either on the product or, if that’s not possible, on the packaging and accompanying documentation.

Here at 3C Test we specialise in EMC Testing, we can also help at all stages of the process by :-

  • Helping to identify the appropriate CE Marking Directives
  • Helping to identify the correct harmonised standards
  • Carrying out EMC testing to various directives, including Automotive, Commercial, Military and Marine
  • Advising on the content of technical documentation

3C Test is an independent UKAS Accredited Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test facility. At 3C Test Ltd we have years of experience in many industries of CE Marking.and have assisted countless manufacturers to successfully CE mark their products. Call us today for further information.

  Radio Approvals 

The European market for radio systems requires compliance with the European Directive for Radio and telecommunication Terminal Equipment RED 2014/53/EU - There are three main areas of significance for manufacturers of wireless products namely RF Performance, Protocol and RF Exposure. By using the skills and extensive expertise of our parent Company 3C Test can help with bringing your product to market and meeting the required categories.