Autonomous Vehicle EMC Testing 


With our expertise in Automotive EMC Testing 3C Test was the obvious choice for the RDM Group when they needed EMC testing to be carried out on their new autonomous vehicle.

The field of EMC is a dynamic one with constant change and 3C Test needed to implement a range of new requirements based on the existing Commercial EMC Standards. The demand for autonomous vehicles (those that can drive themselves without human supervision or input) or unmanned vehicle (which are either controlled remotely, or perhaps operate autonomously) is causing a change in the electromagnetic environment and the tests required to ensure they can operate effectively and safely. High frequency vehicle integrated technologies including 5GHz WiFi, and 6GHz ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) are driving specification changes for both the susceptibility levels and frequencies together with the emissions bands that will require protection.

RDM are pushing the boundaries of technology and lead the way in the production of autonomous vehicles for the next - generation of intelligent mobility. Their specialist designers, engineers and electronic experts are currently working on delivering the UK\'s first driverless vehicles that can be used on public pavements, streets and on private land. Their vehicles can be customised to house more passengers and suit other applications including, amongst others, Airports, Eco towns & villages, Golf courses, Shopping centres and Heritage Sites

New RDM driverless pods will be used to ferry pedestrians around a pre-defined urban route in Milton Keynes. While only three of the electrically powered pods will begin testing initially, the scheme will act as a precursor to a larger fleet of around 40 autonomous pods