Future Proofing Full Vehicle Testing at 3C Test 


3C Test have long been able to test full vehicles for compliance with ECE Regulation 10, but the requirements for the Dynamometer are becoming ever more demanding. New algorithms for cruise and traction control using multiple inputs will lead to the electronics between the car and the dynamometer competing with each other. Full Electric and Hybrid drive trains are becoming ever more refined, and the requirement to have an electrically quiet Dynamometer with emissions at levels well below the statutory requirements is becoming a necessity. 

For this reason, and working in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and its funding Partners, 3C Test has identified the need to replace the Dynamometer with one that can address these issues. The project has been awarded to Innco GmbH who were able to meet the exacting requirements of the design specification. The electronics are Innco’s latest "zero emission" technology to ensure that examination of very low levels of emitted RF noise can be evaluated, leading to higher quality vehicles and better levels of radio reception for all.