There has for some time now been confusion in the manufacturing sector regarding testing newly developed products to the EU Vehicle Directive. This confusion was directly related to the amendment by Directive 2004/104/EC which changed the requirements of non immunity-related electronic/electrical subassemblies (ESA).

Immunity-related functions are those that may affect: the vehicle; its data bus; its statutory data; its occupants, or distract its occupants or other road users. The amendment meant that the EC type-approval mark for vehicles and ESAs (the ‘e’ mark) was not essential for products classed as non immunity-related. However, in order to market goods to the European Union, manufacturers may still have needed to CE Mark products and test to Harmonised EMC Standards which differ significantly from normal vehicle testing Standards.

To help clarify this problem, the Standards Bodies have derived EN 50498 specifically for aftermarket electronic equipment for vehicles.

The upshot of the new standard introduction is that it is now much clearer as to which products require CE marking and which require ‘e’ marking. Thus the need to involve the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) and incorrect ‘e’ marking can now be more easily avoided by CE marking to the new standard. This should save valuable time and money.

The Standard is listed as EN50498:2010 and has a presumption of conformity from the 1st July 2013.

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