EMC testing on electric drives, using our in-house developed, portable dynamometer for 360-degree testing

e-motor EMC testing

E-motors are at the heart of vehicle electrification, and one of the most critical components in terms of electromagnetic compliance. At Applus+ 3C Test we have a dedicated solution to test EMC on e-motors in any configuration, including a portable dyno to test the e-drive in motion.  

EV motor Dyno for EMC Testing


  • Fully-shielded portable dynamometer
  • Turntable for 360º measurements
  • 140kW
  • Up to 6500rpm and 490 Nm
  • Bi-directional system for road simulation and regenerative braking modes


We are fully equipped and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to test EMC on automotive components, including high-voltage components like e-motors, inverters and similar equipment. Additionally, we are a recognized lab validated to test under the standards of most OEMs, including Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover, with a closed list of recognized labs. 

Testing Configurations

  • Static configuration, with the rotor locked
  • Back-to back configuration
  • Dynamic configuration, with mechanical load
Test Equipment
  • HV Power Supply
  • Cooling System
  • Communication tools available (INCAs, VectorCANoe and LabView)