About Applus+ 3C Test

3C Test Ltd, part of Applus+ Laboratories, is one of the UK’s leading laboratories in electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing. Applus+ 3C Test specializes in automotive and commercial industries and offers essential testing services to support their push towards new energy solutions. 

We are UKAS accredited as Testing Laboratory No.1204 and Certification Body No.5418 , as well as UK Conformity Assessment Approved Body No 8508 .    

Supporting Vehicle Electrification

Semi anechoic chamber for full vehicle EMC testing

Full Vehicles

Two large semi-anechoic chambers to meet EV, automotive and commercial EMC requirements

EV Batteries

A unique test system that combines a 200 kN shaker with a large climatic chamber to test EV battery packs


An in-house developed mobile dyno for EMC testing of electric vehicle motors/inverters

LV HV Components EMC

HV/LV Components

Development and verification test on low voltage and high voltage components.

Main Services

EMC Testing

State-of-the art facilities for component and vehicle testing, including high-voltage systems

Environmental Testing

Wide capabilities suitable for the environmental simulation of components and EV Batteries


Gain market access to the UK and the rest of the world