About Applus+ 3C Test

3C Test Ltd, part of Applus+ Laboratories, is one of the UK’s leading laboratories in electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing. Applus+ 3C Test specializes in automotive and commercial industries and offers essential testing services to support their push towards new energy solutions. 

We are a UKAS accredited lab and an approved body for UKCA.    

Supporting Vehicle Electrification

Semi anechoic chamber for full vehicle EMC testing

Full Vehicles

Two large semi-anechoic chambers to meet EV, automotive and commercial EMC requirements

EV Batteries

A unique test system that combines a 200 kN shaker with a large climatic chamber to test EV battery packs


An in-house developed mobile dyno for EMC testing of electric vehicle motors/inverters

LV HV Components EMC

HV/LV Components

Development and verification test on low voltage and high voltage components.

Main Services

EMC Testing

State-of-the art facilities for component and vehicle testing, including high-voltage systems

Environmental Testing

Wide capabilities suitable for the environmental simulation of components and EV Batteries


Gain market access to the UK and the rest of the world