Applus+ Laboratories expands UK testing facility with a new EMC chamber for Battery and HV components

Our UK lab, Applus+ 3C Test, keeps growing its testing capabilities to support the electrification of the automotive industry with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for new energy vehicles and their key components.

Located at Silverstone, in the heart of the UK racing industry, Applus+ 3C Test is building one of the most advanced independent laboratories for vehicle electronic testing.

Besides the recent incorporation of a second EMC chamber for large vehicles and the creation of an environmental battery lab, Applus+ 3C Test is also expanding its testing potential with a new medium size semi-anechoic chamber.

The addition of this recent EMC facility prepared for HV components means that the laboratory can increase its testing slots to meet the growing market demand.  The chamber is fully equipped with the auxiliary equipment to test samples up to 1500V DC 200 A / 1000 V DC 400 A / 400 V AC 3 phase 250 A.

Measuring 10m long, 3 m wide and 4 m height with a reinforced floor for up to 3 tonnes loads, this chamber also offers a convenient solution to test the electromagnetic compatibility of Battery Management Systems (BMS) when integrated with its battery pack.  

Due to its dimensions and its door size, the chamber is also prepared to test onboard emissions for passengers’ cars, adding another vehicle test chamber to the existing ones.

As the vibrant automotive ecosystem in the UK keeps pushing to develop new solutions for electric vehicles, Applus+ Laboratories stands alongside to provide expertise and reliable testing services.


Applus+ 3C Tests combines its long track record in EMC testing both for full vehicles and components with new services in environmental simulations. Our EMC labs are recognized by major OEMs, including Ford, JLC, GM and FCA, to test both LV and HV components. We have dedicated equipment to test e-Motors and Batteries, and two EMC chambers for large and heavy vehicles.

As part of Applus+ Laboratories, we collaborate with our network of labs to offer a convenient, high-quality service to all our customers. Contact our experts to book your slot.

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