Applus+ Laboratories opens a brand-new EMC test chamber for large and heavy vehicles

The new chamber at our UK laboratory, Applus+ 3C Test, features a reinforced floor and EV-charging capabilities, and it is ready to test the latest buses, heavy duties and off-road vehicles.

We have continued the investment drive at our UK test center to expand our capabilities for full vehicle EMC testing. The new full-vehicle chamber builds on our capabilities from the existing one, which now will be dedicated to commercial vehicles. Both chambers are equipped to test Electric Vehicles (EVs) in charging mode.

Buses, heavy duties and off-road vehicles

Large heavy vehicles require very specific facilities to be tested indoors, where measures are more accurate than outdoor testing. Chamber dimensions, maximum weight and door size are limiting elements for many laboratories. The new chamber at Applus+ 3C Test is a state-of-the-art facility where OEMs can test their newest developments. With a strong floor withstanding up to 50 tonnes of weight as well as a 5 x 5-metre door, we can now test virtually any road vehicle on the market.

Advancing technology for greener transportation

Applus+ Laboratories is committed to supporting the automotive industry in its innovation push to develop more environmental-friendly vehicles. The chamber is equipped with all the necessary auxiliary equipment to test new energy vehicles – BEV and PHEV – in charging mode.

This new investment adds to our full vehicle EMC facilities in the UK and Spain, reinforcing our position as a European leader in EMC testing for the whole automotive industry, from sports cars to off-road vehicles.

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